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Coating materials
The selected coating materials shall be suitable for the intended use and shall be selected
after an evaluation of all relevant aspects such as:
• Corrosion protective properties.
• Requirements to health, safety and environment.
• Properties related to application conditions, equipment and personnel.
• Availability and economics of coating materials.
All coating materials and solvents shall be stored in the original container bearing the
manufacturer’s label and instructions. Each product shall have a batch number showing
year and month of manufacture and giving full traceability of production. Shelf life shall
be included in the technical data sheet.
Applicable coating systems are tabulated in Annex A. Alternative coating systems may be
used if the requirements of this document are fulfilled.
Top coat colours should be in accordance with Annex B.

7.1 Pre-blasting preparations
Sharp edges, fillets, corners and welds shall be rounded or smoothed by grinding
(min R = 2 mm).
Hard surface layers, e.g. resulting from flame cutting, shall be removed by grinding prior
to blast cleaning.
The surfaces shall be free from any foreign matter such as weld flux, residue, slivers, oil,
grease, salt etc. prior to blast cleaning.
Any oil and grease contamination shall be removed by solvent or alkali cleaning prior to
blasting operations, ref. SSPC-SP-1.
Any major surface defects, particularly surface laminations or scabs detrimental to the
protective coating system, shall be removed by suitable dressing. Where such defects have
been revealed during blast cleaning, and dressing has been performed, the dressed area
shall be reblasted to the specified standard. All welds shall be inspected and if necessary
repaired prior to final blast cleaning of the area.

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