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Hanging Ear Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine is suitable for Drip coffee bag with outer envelope, available with coffee, tea leaves, herbal tea, health care tea, roots, and other small granule products. Feature: 1 Outer bag sealing is controlled by the stepper motor, ensuring accurate and stable bag length positioning. 2 Adopts PID temperature controller for more accurate temperature adjustment. 3 Adopts PLC control system, touch screen color monitor device, machine is very easy to operate. 4 It can make inner and outer bag in same time automatically, which would highly improve the working efficiency. 5 The process of bag making measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, logo positioning, counting can be finished automatically. 6 All parts in direct contact with products are made of SUS304 stainless steel, ensuring reliable products output conforming to GMP standard. 7 Some parts of the cylinder are imported, ensuring the accuracy and stability of performance. 8 Adoptsautomatic conveyor system. 9 Machine reserved a connector to link with Nitrogen gas generator so that it can flush the nitrogen into bag to extend product shelf life. 10 Optional devices: Date code printer, nitrogen gas generator, etc. Standard Technical Data: Type:Drip Coffee Packing Machine Series Product model: H19D Product name: Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine Bag type: 3 side sealing Outer Bag size: L:85~120mm,W:75~100mm (Film width 200mm, Bag size: 120*100mm) Inner Bag size: L:50~75mm, W:50~90mm (Filter paper width 180mm, Bag size: 90*75mm) Packing speed: 40~70 bags/min Filling range: 5~15g; accuracy:?0.1g/bag Measuring: Volumetric cup Inner Packing material Filter paper; Nylon filter mesh Outer packing material Kraft paper/aluminum coating; PE/aluminum coating; PE film Ultrasonic device: 2 Sets Sealing method: Ultrasonic sealing and cutting for inner bag; Outer Bag by heat Sealing. Power: Single phase, 220V, 50HZ, 1.5KW Air supply: ?0.6Mpa (Can be equipped with Air Compressor) Weight: 600KG Dimension (L*W*H): 1200*900*1900mm

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