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8 months ago

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Property financing for a rental investment can be complicated, but a skilled commercial mortgage broker will simplify the process. Serving Ames, IA, Howell Investment Finance is a mortgage broker you can turn to for assistance with your commercial real estate purchase. These experts are up to date on the most current developments in real estate financing, and they will help you make the smartest mortgage choices.

These commercial mortgage brokers offer property financing for real estate such as apartment buildings, office buildings, and rental properties. These types of commercial real estate have their own quirks and nuances when it comes to property financing, and Howell Investment Finance will help you navigate the loan process to achieve the most rewarding outcome.

To get the best deal on property financing, you need access to a wide variety of mortgages. Howell Investment Finance will connect you with choices such as portfolio loans, Fannie Maes, Freddie Macs, bridge loans, and construction loans. These mortgage experts know buying real estate for commercial markets can be a costly endeavor, and they offer loans from $750,000 up to amounts in excess of $50 million. Regardless of the size of your loan, you can count on these property financing specialists to provide you with the most competitive interest rates.

The company’s website offers useful information regarding the documents and records you’ll need to submit to qualify for a mortgage. Call (515) 233-8228 to get the ball rolling on your real estate financing, or learn more by visiting these leading Ames commercial mortgage brokers online. Owning lucrative commercial real estate is a dream held by many, and Howell Investment Finance will help make your dream a reality.

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