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For too long, the process for treating hearing loss has limited patients to only the hearing health providers in their local markets and required multiple in-office visits for follow-up care. As a result, patients have spent entirely too much time and money on hearing healthcare services that far too often havent met their expectations. I founded Prescription Hearing to make the process for treating hearing loss more convenient and cost-effective than ever before.' For over 25 years, our clinic has been helping people with hearing loss in the Chicagoland area live better and fuller lives. We have always embraced the latest technologies to give patients the best hearing experience at the possible lowest possible cost. With our use of new telehealth applications, patients can now connect with us remotely through their smart phone, iPad, or tablet to treat their hearing loss from start to finish. No longer are multiple office visits necessary for fine-tuning. Our audiologists can make programming adjustments and modifications to your hearing aids no matter where you are. By partnering with the top hearing aid manufacturers, Prescription Hearing sets new standards for delivering the best technology and service at an unmatched level of convenience and accessibility. -Kristen Conners Audiologist & Founder

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