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This inspection process is utilized to locate indications only open to the surface, it can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous material. This process also utilizes both visible and fluorescent dye material to optimize visual detection and/or sensitivity.
Nondestructive (NDT) Level 2 servicesin:
o Ultrasonic testing both Shear and Thickness (UT) (AWS, ASME, Mil and other)
o Phased Array / TOFD
o Radiography, gamma IR 192, Cobalt 60 and X-ray cathode ray tube (RT), Digital (CR) and film
o Visual Inspection (VT)
o Magnetic Particle Inspection, Visible and Florescent Methods(MT)
o Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing, Visible and Florescent Methods(PT)
Full Geo Technical Engineering laboratory services including:
o Preliminary Environmental Site Assessments including drilling / Transaction Screens
o Pavement thickness Design and Highway / Runway Geotechnical designs
o Earth Dam Design, seepage Analysis and Feasibility investigations, expert witness testimony.
o Bridge Foundations Explorations, deep foundation design, retaining systems, excavation design.

Quality control training Omaha Ne

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