BodyQuest Barre Studio

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Rarely does a method of exercise boast powerful results and a fun, challenging structure all in one, but ballet barre classes are known and beloved within the fitness community for achieving this precise balance. At BodyQuest Barre Studio in Westport, CT, you can partake in an energizing dance class, all the while working your way to a more toned, graceful physique. With more than 30 years of instructor experience, owner Laurie Glatzer opened the BodyQuest Barre Studio in 2005. Utilizing the dynamic Lotte Berk methodology, the facility’s instructors lead attendees through an invigorating 60-minute flow designed to engage muscle groups from head to toe. The results of the barre ballet classes are far-reaching and rapid—you’ll noticeincreased energy levels and flexibility with every session. Long-term benefits that can be expected from routine workouts include improved posture, decreased body fat, leaner muscles, and better alignment. Because the dance classes are conducted primarily usingparticipants’ body weight, you won’t have to worry about “bulking up,” straining your musclesor encountering common sports injuries that sometimesresult from higher-impact activities. The ballet barre is there to provide support while also creating the opportunity to challenge muscles in unfamiliar ways, thereby helping you achieve a level of sculpting you won’t find anywhere else. With lively music and an ever-changing set of movements, you’ll feel compelled to start moving as soon as you enter the studio.

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