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Hand tied hair extensions

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Hand tied hair extensions
You have a lot of alternatives with hair extensions. You may experiment with various lengths, hair colors, and styles at the drop of a hat. Extensions may be applied in a variety of methods, in addition to the numerous hair alternatives. Clip-ins and sew-ins are two of the most common ways, with hand tied hair extensions being another popular method utilized by salon hairstylists. If you're interested in delicate cosmetic operations, you may have already spent time watching videos to learn about the rewarding hand tied hair extensions technique.
Reasons why you should get hair extension
1. Length:
Have you ever wondered why your hair won't grow any longer? We understand how annoying it is to have hair that won't grow past a certain length, no matter how patient, loving, or sympathetic you are with it. Hair extensions might be the perfect remedy if this is an issue you're encountering. We guarantee that the long hair you've been fantasizing about may be yours in a matter of minutes.
2. Color:
Have you ever wanted to experiment with new hair colors but been hesitant because you were concerned it would look bad? Or are you worried that it may harm your hair? All of these suggestions are reasonable and equitable. Hair extensions, on the other hand, make this procedure quick and straightforward for you: you may try out new shades, finally try out the hombre trend, or finally obtain the highlights/lowlights you've always wanted. All of this is doable without making a long-term commitment or compromising your hair's health.
3. Volume:
We understand that thinning hair or hair loss might have a negative impact on your personality. We're here to help — hand tied hair extensions are an excellent technique to restore volume to your hair. Our 120g series was designed specifically for finer hair. Hair extensions may make you more comfortable in your own skin. Hair extensions can help you acquire the extra volume you've always desired with only a few wefts, whether your hair is thin or thick. Kmxtend Hair Extensions offers three distinct weights to fit a variety of hair types: 120g, 160g, and 220g. 120g packs are appropriate for persons with fine or thin hair. The 160g packages are ideal for adding length and volume to your hair while maintaining a natural appearance. Individuals with a lot of hair or who want to add length, or who want a more dramatic voluminous style, should use 220g.
4. Style:
Hair extensions may instantly improve the look and feel of any hairstyle. By adding length, volume, and even a splash of color to your hair, you can easily make any basic braid, bun, or ponytail more voluminous and intricate. To give your hair more body, you may not even need to use your entire set; just a few wefts may be enough to give you the length and volume you've always desired. There are no limits to what you can do!
5. No damage:
Yes, you are right! Hand tied hair extensions are one of the greatest hair extension solutions since they do no damage to your hair, unlike tape-ins and binding, which can inhibit hair development and cause damage.
Secret tips to make the hair extension fabulous?
Here are five unique tips for readers of the kmxtend blog:
• Hair should be brushed on a regular basis to avoid matting.
• When bathing, cleaning, and drying the hand tied hair extensions, use more caution than you would without them.
• Wash your hair three to four times every week.
• It's best not to go to bed with wet hair or let the roots of your hair air dry because this might cause the weft to droop.
• At night, instead of tying your hair up with a hair band, leave it down.
How to maintain hand tied hair extension?
With regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your extensions and avoid harm to both the extensions and your natural hair. Depending on how carefully you care for your extensions, they can last anywhere from 9 to 18 months.
Hair growth pulls the extensions down, damaging the extensions as well as your natural hair. Apart from having your hand tied hair extensions moved up at a salon on a regular basis, there are a few everyday care tips you can take to keep them looking beautiful even weeks after installation.
• Clean your hair once or twice a week, depending on how greasy it is. Start at the bottom and work your way up, eliminating knots with your wet brush while holding onto the tops of your wefts, after your hair is clear. It's important to brush all the way to the top of the weft, but you don't want to brush over them. As a result, the hair will begin to loop at the top and will no longer be usable!
• After your hair has been combed through, apply a small bit of hair oil all over it to give shine, then blow dry. Because the oil functions as a heat barrier, it's crucial to use it before blow drying.
• A nearby salon stylist can also provide you more tailored advice on how to care for your hand tied hair extensions. With our easy-to-use salon finder, you can find experienced and highly rated stylists in your neighborhood: a map that shows all kmxtend certified stylists in your area who can help you enhance your style right now.
How often should you raise your beads?
The rate at which your hair grows determines this. For the past 6 to 12 weeks, I've been reading. After 8 weeks, the majority of people return. When clients return, Stylish will remove the extensions and reattach them to a fresh natural hair portion. This keeps their natural hair healthy and distributes the weight evenly throughout it. We will continue to use the same hand tied hair extensions during this time. Hair extensions should last at least a year before you need to replace them.
What is it about hand tied hair extensions that makes them so unique?
If correctly applied, they are harmless for your hair, even if it is fine. These hair extensions are far less harmful than tape-in extensions and far lighter than clip-in extensions!
Hair extensions that are hand tied and sewn in with beads allow you to wear your hair up! Yes, you can hide your hair extensions beneath a ponytail.
• Each bundle comprises 112 grams of wefts, divided into 6 or 8 sets.
• Half packs are available if you need more hair but don't need the entire pack. Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
• Custom grams per weft or higher grams per set can be requested. Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
• Custom colors are available upon request, and there are a variety of rich color tones to pick from, as well as wholesale discounts.
Properties of hand tied hair extensions
The benefit of utilising hand tied hair extensions is that each weft is carefully manually sewn. Each weft is exceptionally sturdy and does not drop since they are created with great care. Machine wefts are less noticeable since they are micro thin, thick, and bulky. As a consequence, these hand tied hair extensions are more comfortable and sit closer to the head, minimising the hump generated by machine tied wefts. In addition, the lower bulk allows for a more natural free-flowing solution. Hair extensions that are hand knotted provide a more natural appearance and volume. Because of these characteristics, hand tied hair extensions are a good alternative for a more permanent (sewn in) hair solution.

DO’s and DONT’s for extensions
• Brush your hand tied hair extensions with a nice damp brush on a regular basis! If necessary, brush in between your rows.
• Make use of high-quality products! I'll be stocking up on Unite merchandise this week! You have to take care of these small ones!
• Dry the base of the extension as much as possible to avoid unclean hair!
• Don't place yourself in situations when it's too windy! Braid your hair if you're going on a boat.... braid your hair if you're on a motorcycle.... and so on!
• Never go to bed with damp hair! This can result in matting, which is a pain to remove! Always dry your hair completely!
• Dry shampoo should not be used on your extensions! It will cause your extensions to dry out and shorten their lifespan!
• Stay as far away from pools and seas as possible! Your extensions will get dry if you use too much salt or chlorine.
• Don't use a poor shampoo! Don't waste your money on beautiful extensions by using shampoos that will dry them out and prevent them from absorbing enough moisture. Remember that because these extensions don't reach all the way to your root, they won't get any of your natural oils to keep them moisturized.
Pros & Cons
When getting your extensions done, keep in mind that the expert you choose, as well as the weight and color of your extensions, all have a role in the final result. Here are some advantages and disadvantages:
• The safest option. Unlike many other extensions that utilize glue, chemicals, and other adhesives, the hand tied hair extensions procedure does not use any dangerous chemicals or toxins.
• It lasts a long time. The wefts are designed to grow out with your natural hair and can last up to 8 weeks before they need to be altered or removed.
• Is able to style in a variety of ways. Several forms of extensions, particularly up-dos and high ponies, limit your hairstyles since the bonds may be visible or difficult to adjust. Hand tied hair extensions may be fashioned in any manner you like and flow organically with your own hair.
• Suitable for a wide range of hair types. Wefts were once thought to be only suitable for exceedingly thick hair because to their weight. Because of the lightweight hand sewn wefts, they are now suitable for most types of hair.
• Hand tied hair extensions must be applied by a professional hairdresser who has obtained specialized training in this field. You should not attempt to apply them yourself because the operation needs some delicate hair stitching. It's also important to get them removed by a hairstylist to avoid hurting your natural hair.
• This is not the best option if you have fine or thin hair. Even though the wefts are light, they are still sewn into your natural hair, so if your hair is especially thin or fine, it may not be able to keep the weft in place.
Why kmxtend hand tied hair extensions?
• Kmxtend hair extensions are of the highest possible quality. The hand tied hair extensions are made of 100 percent cuticle, double drawn real human hair.
• They are fully hand wafted rather than machine wafted, with ultra-thin wefts that produce the most faultless results while placing less pressure on your natural hair roots;
• They are fully hand wafted rather than machine wafted, with ultra-thin wefts that produce the most faultless results while placing less pressure on your natural hair roots.
• No tape, glue, or heat is required; and a half/single pack is available to match your needs.
Kmxtend also provides a step-by-step guide on how to install hand tied hair extensions. Right now, this step-by-step hand tied instruction may help you raise your revenue! The kmxtend hand tied training includes all of the necessary equipment to complete the application. Everything you require may be found in one location. Kmxtend despises having you learn from stylists who are untrained or uncertified and are unaware with the subtleties of hand tied hair extensions.
Fans of high-quality hand tied hair extensions are familiar with Kmxtend Hair Extensions. There are options for balisage extensions, clip-in hair extensions (ranging in length from 12 to 30 inches), quad weft clip-in hair extensions, Seamless clip-in extensions, one-piece clipping volume, hand tied hair extensions, clipping ponytail hair extensions, halo, weave-in extensions, and keratin hair extensions.
The triple wafting and double drawn hair extension design of the brand ensures that each piece has sufficient volume and thickness at the end. Kmxtend hair extensions come with a money-back guarantee and an easy 60-day return policy if you are displeased with the color, feel, or quality.
These stylists are all licensed and have completed a course under the supervision of a master stylist. Remember to schedule your appointment ahead of time in the COVID-19 era!
Their Stock
We have the following sizes in stock: 18", 20", and 22". The demand for our inventory is really strong. Every week, we receive 2-3 shipments and are usually busy. If your color and length are not in stock when you order, we'll let you know if it's on its way to us that week or if we'll have to put a special order for it. We will issue a refund if you are unable to wait for a particular order.
For the 16" and 26" sets, custom orders may take up to 3 weeks to fulfil. Please shoot us an email if you have any queries.
You may select from a range of colors on our color ring page. If the color you desire isn't listed here, go to this page and check out with custom color.
Here are some of our most common color combinations for hand tied hair extensions; however, if you have any specific preferences, please let us know.
• Rooted #4/ 14/24 Highlights
• Rooted #6/ 12/22 Highlights
• Rooted #10 18/24 Highlights

• #1001
• #60A
• #4/18 Blended
• #4/ 60 Blended
• #18/60 Blended
• #18/#22 Blended
• Rooted #8/ 60
• Rooted #18/60
• Rooted #18/613
• Rooted #8/24
• Rooted #18/24
• Rooted #4/24
• Rooted #4/ 60
• Rooted #8/ 613
• Rooted #8/60A Ash

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Hand Tied Hair Extensions
There is always something fresh to look for in the New Year when it comes to haircuts and different trends. Season after season, the hair industry has developed many styles that have been fashionable and dominating for quite some time. There have been a range of possibilities for all those who wanted to change up their style, from new cuts, styling, and coloring procedures to extensions.
When it comes to extensions, they have always been and continue to be a popular addition and service in the hairstyling business. They're a great option for anybody trying to add a unique feel to their hairstyles, especially if they want to emphasize length, thickness, and volume. The desire to improve the appearance of one's hair has prompted the hairstyling business to conceive and develop several types of hair extensions.
Hand tied hair extensions, also known as a technique of natural beaded rows extensions, are one form of hair extension that stands out. Here's a complete tutorial with all you need to know about hand tied hair extensions so you can better comprehend its purpose and outcomes.
What are hand tied hair extensions?
Hand tied hair extensions are a unique hair styling method that is only available at specialized salons. The qualified hair specialist manually hand-ties beads onto a row of the customer's natural hair. Threads consisting of nylon or cotton are used for this. The end effect of hand tied hair extensions is increased hair density and length, all of which is due to the quantity of beads and wefts utilized in the procedure and knotted into the hair. The quality of the hair on which the extensions are tied in is another essential factor in the final look. The duration of the procedure is also determined by the quality. This method is distinct in its application, making the finished product stand out from other techniques like as clip-ins, sew-ins, and tape-ins.
KMXtend hair extensions
KMXtend Hair Extensions debuted in 2020, at a period when hairdressers were struggling to find high-quality hair extensions. Hair extensions on the market have been criticized for their discrepancies and hassles by salon owners and professional hairstylists alike. Simply finding the ideal balance of quality, cost, and experience was difficult. KMXtend Hair Extensions was established as a result. We decided to spread the love to customers after developing a solution for salon owners and hairstylists to have great hand tied hair extensions. We gave exceptionally attractive conditions to salon owners since we were committed to developing a community, and our little business has been growing ever since. Our creator, a lifelong cosmetologist, is passionate about providing high-quality items that she can stand behind. It brings her great satisfaction to be able to provide high-quality goods that stylists and customers enjoy wearing and telling their friends about. Our hair extensions, which are available for both professionals and extension users, are altering the way women think about and purchase for this must-have item today. KMXtend makes it easier for you to own the night or the day with confidence and beauty via hair by providing excellent customer service and a commitment to selling premium items. Our goal to helping women to feel confident and attractive with premium-quality hair extensions for all budgets will stay the same as the company grows. We're here to deliver you the finest in the hair industry, and we'll do so with a lot of love, elegance, and glitz – welcome!
FAQ About Hand Tied Hair Extensions
Hand tied hair extensions are trendy nowadays because they add volume and length to your natural hair while causing minimum harm. People have a lot of questions regarding hand tied wefts, and we get a lot of them.
Does the process of adding hand tied hair extensions hurt?
Despite the fact that dealing with hair can be painful at times, this procedure is painless. It is always advised to have it done by a professional who is knowledgeable in this field. Although the hand tied hair extensions are not uncomfortable, the individual wearing them may experience some discomfort in the first few days as the extensions adapt and the natural hair adjusts to the increased weight. It's critical to understand and feel the difference between adapting to the extensions and true discomfort caused by a potential issue.
What types of discomfort should I expect?
As previously stated, minor discomfort is to be expected in the days after the placement of the extensions. The additional weight, as well as the connection technique, might cause scalp irritation. The scalp will feel the attachment technique if the extension is tightened too much. It's only a little annoyance that will pass in a few days, and it's to be anticipated. Many people compare the sensation to getting their hair braided using a new method. However, if the slight discomfort persists and you begin to experience agony, the cause might be a poorly installed item. You'll need to return to the hair salon or seek a second opinion or solution in those circumstances.
What is the price for doing hand tied hair extensions?
The cost of hand tied hair extensions is determined on the ultimate result and the aesthetic you desire. The cost of hand tied hair extensions is determined on the type of hair chosen and the quantity of rows desired. The hair will cost between $400 and $800 depending on the length and grams required, plus an extra fee for installation. You’re looking at approximately $1000-$2000 investment initially.
Brush them regularly
Brushing the extensions on a regular basis during the summer will protect them from tangling and threading. Special brushes are available to assist you avoid bothering the tape or bond. Pay great attention to the ends of the extensions.
Use conditioner
Even though they are extensions, they still require adequate hydration in the summer. The sun's heat, pool chemicals, salt, and sweat may all dry out hair extensions. Conditioner should be used after shampooing to keep the extensions looking excellent. It should be applied to the entire head of hair, with the exception of the roots, which are connected to the natural hair.
How to care for your hand tied extensions?
Summer is almost approaching, and with it, the scorching summer heat. Although the sun brings so much happiness into our lives, it may be detrimental to our skin and hair. Because you can protect your skin with the use of an SPF lotion, the hair and, hair extensions for that matter are a different story. They must be carefully cared for in order to keep their nice looks and avoid being harmed.
The best method to safeguard your hand tied hair extensions is to follow the guidelines and ideas below, which will ensure that they look healthy and last a long time.
What is the upkeep time for the hand tied hair extensions?
The whole maintenance procedure is divided into two parts: pushups and weft replacements. The hand tied hair extensions is most often pushed up every six to eight weeks. This is vital because it prevents your hair from becoming overly tangled. Wefts should be replaced once a year since they can become broken, exhibit signs of wear, lose volume, and discolor.
Do they last a long time?
Hand tied hair extensions can last anywhere from 9 to 12 months, depending on how well you care for them. While the majority of individuals require them to be pushed up by the seventh week, it is dependent on your hair growth rate.
What is the difference between hand tied and taped extensions?
Despite their similarities in appearance, they are not identical. Hand tied hair extensions are created by hand rather than by machine. As a result, they are slimmer and more natural-looking. Hand tied hair extensions are stitched in rather than taped to the hair, and are less harmful to your hair.
What is the routine for upkeep?
It's great if you switch it up every two months, brush your hair with a boar-bristled brush two to three times a day, and apply a leave-in conditioner and oils after washing it. Do not allow your hair roots air dry or go to bed with damp hair. Heat protectors are also required.
How should I take care of my hand tied hair extensions?
Maintaining and caring for your extensions is critical if you want to get the most out of them. This implies washing the hair with care, especially with hydrating, moisturizing, and high-quality shampoo and conditioner that will nourish the hair. The contents list and makeup of the hair care products you use are also highly essential. Always opt for alcohol-free products that will not harm your hair extension or your natural hair. Another crucial and recommended strategy is to sleep with your hair braided or in a light ponytail to keep it from tangling.
Also, keep in mind that hair extensions, no matter how high-quality they are, do not absorb the oils from your scalp as your own hair does. To preserve the moisture in your extensions, use a good hair oil.
Protect your hair when swimming
Swimming is one of the finest methods to cool down and relax in the summer. Hair extensions, on the other hand, require a little more attention and must be safeguarded before entering the water. What essential is that the link between the extensions and your natural hair is protected? Because water and moisture from perspiration and salt can erode the bonding of hair extensions, they must be dried right away. Putting the hair in a low bun or braid is the easiest approach to maintain the extensions and eliminate tangling.
Avoid sea salt sprays
Sea salt sprays should not be used at the roots of the hand tied hair extensions. Use it solely on the mid-length to the ends of the extensions and avoid the roots if you still want to obtain the famed beach waves.
Is it painful or itchy to have hand tied wefts?
After adding the extensions, first-timers may suffer itching for a minute or two. For the first day or two, there may be some stress. Many people believe, however, that the itching is psychological as your skull adjusts to having anything on your scalp.
What are the advantages of hand tied hair extensions over the tape in versions?
Hand tied hair extensions are healthier, more natural, and flawless. Tape-ins are only temporary since you have to put them in and take them out every day, and they might harm your hair if you knot them up.
What are the costs of hand tied wefts?
It is dependent on where you obtain them and how many you require. If you need a lot of wefts to make a lot of volumes, you'll have to pay extra. They are an expense, but with proper care, they may last a long time.
Keep sunscreen away
Oils from lotions and sunscreens can damage the root of your extensions and discolor them to a pink or orange shade. When brushing your hair, it is recommended that you keep your hands clean from this product. The sunscreen ingredient avobenzine causes extensions to respond. Even with a clarifying shampoo, it's difficult to reverse. To avoid discoloration, you could use a natural zinc or mineral-based sunscreen instead.
Is there a limit to how many times I may wash my hair with extensions?
You can wash your hair every 6-7 days and alternate between washes with dry shampoo. The less they are washed, the longer the extensions last.
Can fine hair be used with hand tied hair extensions?
Yes, you certainly can. It's not recommended for thinning, hair loss, or severely damaged hair.
These are the most often asked questions we get concerning hand tied hair extensions. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact KMXtend Hair Extensions!
KMXtend sells handtied hair extensions wholesale to salons and retail to customers for installation in a professional salon. Please visit our site: if you're interested in wholesale hand tied hair extensions.

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