Minimum Viable Fitness

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A general fitness definition can be used for getting an overall idea of what you need to do. If you have this general fitness definition, then you will be able to go to your doctor and he can tell you exactly what you need to do to help improve your general health. The next thing you can do is define your own fitness definition. Maybe you are a cross-trainer. You might have some equipment that is not very specialized. Then, maybe you can develop a definition of your own, based on what is needed to get results. This could be a combination of cross-training with special equipment or not so special equipment. This might help you develop a general fitness definition. You may also want to write down a note about the general fitness definition of yourself, and a note about what you need to do to help improve it. This could be a very useful exercise journal to keep yourself accountable for your efforts in improving your overall health. If you already have your general fitness definition, then you might want to try another method of defining yourself. You can use the results of other people's fitness program to decide what fitness program you should try. The first step to using results from other people's fitness program to develop your general fitness definition is to decide if you want to begin exercising to lose weight. Maybe you want to start working out to make your heart healthier. Then, you would want to use the results of another person's program to help you find your general fitness definition.

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