4 Reasons Laser Hair Removal Is a Good Investment

4 Reasons Laser Hair Removal Is a Good Investment

If you’re ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair, we can assure you that laser hair removal in San Diego will be well worth your money once you see the results. During our consultation appointments with clients, we encourage them to ask any remaining questions they may have, as well as explain how the treatment works and what to expect. We’ll talk about the procedure and why it’s worth the money.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

During laser hair removal, we target the hair follicle at a specific period of hair growth called the anagen phase. Because hair grows at varying rates, we recommend that you return for 12 sessions to ensure that we catch all of the hair at the appropriate time. You will feel a sensation akin to a rubber band being flicked on your skin during the session when the laser zaps the hair follicle to suppress hair growth.

Minor Adverse Effects

The most serious adverse effects are redness, itching, discoloration, and irritation at the laser site. If you go to a center that does not have the best equipment and professionally educated employees, you run the danger of having a bad outcome as well as infection and pain at the laser site. This is not the usual practice when seeking the best laser treatment at a professional spa.

It is not a surgical or intrusive process, and you will not require any downtime or extra healing time following a session. However, we do offer a few aftercare suggestions for you.

Minor Changes To Your Life:-

  1. For a few days after the treatment, your skin will be mildly inflamed.
  2. We recommend that you refrain from swimming, waxing, or applying lotions for 48 hours following your session to allow your skin to recuperate.
  3. After 48 hours, apply a decent SPF lotion and limit your sun exposure.
  4. It is preferable if you shave before coming for a session and then wait for the hair to grow out to the right phase before shaving and coming for another session.
  5. Because your skin will still be tender, it is best not to use deodorant or spray for a few days afterward.
  6. Schedule no exfoliation, facials, or peels during your course of treatments.
  7. If you experience tenderness or discomfort, you can apply a cold compress, take anti-inflammatories, or apply Arnica cream to the affected areas.

Works on All Skin Types

Laser hair removal is most effective on dark, thick hair and fair skin. We welcome all clients for laser hair removal at our medical spa.

We have two distinct lasers that work best on specific hair and skin tones to ensure that we meet all of our client’s needs and cater to various skin tones and hair thicknesses. The Lumenis LightSheer Duet laser is an 800nm diode laser that penetrates deeply and is ideal for thick, tough hair. Simultaneously, the Lumenis Splendor X laser, which works with wavelengths and Alexandrite at different frequencies, is appropriate for darker skin types and can be adjusted to operate with lighter skin tones.

Sessions and Fees

Given the number of hair follicles on your body and the possibility that they are all in various cycles, you can see why we recommend nine to twelve treatments for maximum hair growth reduction. We will first book you for eight to ten sessions before re-evaluating your progress.

Laser treatments are only a few minutes long because the laser targets more than one hair at a time; they are also more expensive, but they save time and provide the ease of no in-grown hairs or shaving.

Here are Four reasons why they did it.


Have you ever heard of the business model “razor and blades”? It can be applied to a range of things, but shaving is a popular example. If your razor firm offers you a razor at a low cost or even provides it to you for free, that’s fantastic! Then they raise the price of the blades, hoping you’ll buy them because you already have the razor.

The shaving companies benefit from this business model, but you lose. You’ll spend a lot of money on blades, razors, shaving cream, and other accessories over the course of your life.


Waxing’s purported advantage is how much more effective it is than shaving. Waxing is more effective than shaving and takes less time than shaving with a razor alone. It’s still pricey (some estimates claim that over a ten-year period, the average woman spends over $3,000 on waxing) and not very handy. Additionally, waxing hurts whether you do it at home or by a professional, and who wants to spend thousands of dollars simply to endure that pain?


Laser hair removal procedures can get the job done without the unpleasant side effects if shaving or waxing makes you dread it because you end up with pain or an itchy rash. Both during and after the procedure, it is easy to understand and almost painless. You’ll appreciate not having to deal with the discomfort of shaving or waxing again for a while when you visit a reputable medical professional who uses the best lasers.


Many people are also worried about the cost and duration of the treatment. Since they won’t need to shave, wax, or tweeze any longer, clients who undergo a laser hair removal process will save a lot of time. Since supplies like razors, shaving cream, and other goods won’t need to be purchased, they will also save money.

Therefore, if you still waste time and money shaving and waxing, it might be time to consider investing in laser hair removal. Long-term, it’s simpler, more efficient, and less expensive.