Attract customers with advertising in Telegram

Attract customers with advertising in Telegram

In the world where businesses and startups are developing and since all of them need principled and effective advertising, it’s important to use the tool that does it the best, and the space in which advertising takes place should be chosen wisely. So, you should choose the messenger that has many users. Telegram is one of these popular messengers. If on telegram you send bulk messages and advertise, you will surely have a high output. The tool that we intend to introduce in this article is the Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot Package. consider that telegram does not let you send bulk messages and advertise but there are special features in this package that you can use to bypass the restrictions. Follow us to explain this Bot and the importance of using it and the restrictions of Telegram for the users.

What is the Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot?

This is a package that includes several Bots each one has unique features that make affairs for you easier. This Bot has practical features that you can use for advertising. Such as sending bulk messages to a list of numbers and IDs in private chat and different groups, extracting ID and number of Telegram groups members, adding members to intended groups, and extraordinary features that will help you a lot in the advertising process. This package generally has 3 major advantages and we will introduce these advantages in the following.

What is the usage of the Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot?

  1. The first advantage is that this Bot is permanent. After you buy this Bot, you will have the full package of this software at your disposal and you do not need to pay any fee for sending each message and advertisement. You only have to pay a small amount fee to extend this Bot for the second year. That is, this Bot will be active for you for one year, and if you wish and need it you can extend it for next year. Do not worry about the cost that you paid for the Bot, you can easily send messages and advertisements with this Bot, you can achieve very good output in the first few days or the first few weeks, or the first few months and you are free to use this Bot as much as you want.
  2. The second advantage is targeted advertising. You can use this software to make your ads more targeted. Targeted advertising means that you send your message to people who are familiar with your business and are interested in it. If you send your ads to people who are interested in your field, they are more likely to become your customers. Features are included in this package to make your advertisement more targeted. In this package, there is a Bot for extracting members from Telegram groups. The task of this Bot is to extract the number or ID of members from your intended groups and give it to you for sending a message to them. Now if you choose the groups that are your competitors or related to your business, you can extract people who will most likely become your customers. In the old ways, advertising was not very targeted. That is if you get numbers from different sources such as universities, guilds, or even sites that sell numbers bank, you do not know which person’s number you have. For this reason, sending a message to these people does not have a good output.
  3. The third advantage of this Bot is 100% visibility of your ads and messages. If you provide this Bot with the ID of your desired contacts to send them a message in private chat, you can be sure that this message will be seen 100%. This is because people pay special attention to the messages that are sent to them in private chats. Imagine that someone sent a message in your private chat on Telegram. Even out of curiosity, you will open that message to see who has sent the message to you. If you compare other methods of advertising with this method, you will figure out that sending a message to a private chat will make your message more visible. In traditional methods such as sending SMS, distributing paper flyers, or billboards in the city, the efficiency of advertising is very low because people are accustomed to this type of advertising and do not pay much attention to them. So, if you want to have high efficiency, you have to send bulk messages to people’s private chats.

As we said, sending bulk messages in the telegram, especially in the private chat of the contacts, will increase the number of visits. But we have to consider that it is not so easy to advertise and send bulk messages on Telegram, why? Because Telegram Messenger, to keep the advertisement in its monopoly, has set a series of restrictions that you cannot easily advertise in this messenger. Read on to find out more about Telegram restrictions.

What are the limitations of Telegram?

Telegram has a daily sending limit, which in this limitation indicates that you cannot send more than 50 messages during the day. But this messenger is not too strict for you. It divides your contacts into two parts. (Familiar and strangers) But what are the differences between these two types of audiences?

  1. Familiar people: People who you have saved their number and have chatted with them at least once. You should know that there are no restrictions on these people and you can send as many messages as you want to these people during the day.
  2. Strangers: People who you have not saved their number in your contacts and you did not even chat with them once. You cannot send more than 50 messages to these people during the day. If you do this, it means that you have violated one of the rules of Telegram and Telegram will block your account. There is a solution to prevent your Telegram account from being included in this restriction, which we intend to introduce to you in the following.

What is the solution to get rid of these restrictions?

If you use more lines, you can reach the intended number of submissions in 24 hours. Imagine you want to send your advertising message to 500 people daily to make your advertisement more visible. But as we said above, sending messages to more than 50 strangers during the day will penalize you. If you send 50 messages with every 10 lines, the number of your submissions will easily reach 500. But where do we provide the line? You can provide SIMs. But the easier and cheaper way is to use virtual lines. You can buy these lines on the relevant sites. You can also provide virtual lines on the Virtual User site.

So far, we have introduced this very practical product that has various benefits and can greatly reduce the cost of advertising in other ways with a new and more efficient method, and also save your time because this Bot does the tasks that are very time consuming to do manually for you completely automatically.

How can we prepare this package?

This package is a commercial product and is not free and you can buy this product on the Virtual User site. By purchasing this package, you can also profit from educational videos and PDFs. This package is a product of the Virtual User website, which is a reputable website in the field of production and design of Bots and software and its customers are very satisfied. The products of this website are also popular in the international market and by using the products of this website, you will have better outputs in the process of your business.