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As well as cost all of the buy Mut 21 coins

3 years ago

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Went ago and played with a Madden nfl 21 coins franchise yesterday and it is honestly kind of shocking how much worse the games have gotten from the last 9 decades. The graphics are undoubtedly better but I can not think of a single other component that's honestly an improvement otherwise.

I just want something that performs well lolIt may not be an NFLPA thing but their representatives and staff direction can counsel against it. I'm sure someone important is not pleased with this remark and Keenan might hear about it.

Whether he really gives a is past me. I would not really give a because the sport is ing trash.

Do any of us really play it anymore??? I played madden for like 10 decades straight and I knew it was the exact same game every season but u still played it.

Yup I believe that it had been madden 05, when you could last layout and build your own arena. As well as cost all of the buy Mut 21 coins concessions, tickets and merchandise.

It was 08 for the ps2 and xbox. There was a weird transition period in franchise mode when they started moving into the ps3 and 360, where some features were just missing on the consoles, and franchise mode never recovered later that year.

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