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Bond Vet — East Village is a modern and friendly vet located in Stuy Town, at 18th and 1st Ave. We specialize in urgent care, meaning timely medical needs for a rash, diarrhea, limping, coughing or other symptoms that indicate a non-life-threatening health issue. For prompt treatment, we offer walk-in appointments, or you can book online. Bond Vet’s mission is to strengthen the human-animal bond through better pet care — we know pets and pet parents typically don’t look forward to vet visits, and we don’t think it has to be that way. We reimagined the experience, with warm and welcoming clinics, neutral lighting, hydration stations, dog treat bars and comfortable furniture. But our differences are not just aesthetic — we have an in-house technology team who builds better veterinary tools to make it easy for pet parents to book appointments and vets to log records and communicate with clients. We know price is a real factor when it comes to vet care, and we don’t enjoy surprises, so we offer options and upfront pricing when it comes to diagnostics and next steps. We’ll never pressure you into doing more tests and treatments than you are comfortable doing, and we’ll help you file pet insurance claims because we know that’s a process. In addition to urgent care treatment, Bond Vet offers a wide range of veterinary services including routine wellness exams, vaccinations, dental cleanings, spays, neuters, mass removal, orthopedic surgeries and more. Because veterinary medicine is known to be a stressful industry, Bond Vet prioritizes our team’s mental health and emotional well-being — taking better care of our people helps them take better care of your pet. You can bring your pet to Bond Vet solely for urgent care, or we can be your primary care vet; either way, we’ll provide top-notch care for your pet. Bond Vet - East Village is located at 282 1st Avenue in Manhattan, and is open from 10am to 8pm every day, including holidays. Walk in or book online at

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