Brito Family Dental

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Brito Family Dental is a single privately owned, non-corporate, modern family dental office in South Boston, operated by Dr. Andy Brito. What is the benefit of receiving care from Dr. Brito at his office, as opposed to a corporate dental office? There is no revolving door of temporary non-skilled dentists that are only there for a short period of time to make a paycheck. All treatment decisions are made by you and Dr. Brito, with no outside influence. Dr. Brito’s practice philosophy is that he treats every patient as he would his own family member, because he knows that he will be practicing in the Boston area for the rest of his life. What this means is honest, conservative, long-lasting, money conscious dental treatment. Operating Hours: Saturday 9AM–3PM, Sunday - Closed, Monday 10AM–7PM, Tuesday 10AM–7PM, Wednesday 10AM–7PM, Thursday 10AM–7PM, Friday - Closed

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