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Data enrichment: what it is and how to do it in 3 steps

1 month ago

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Have you ever stopped to think about how much time your team spends trying to contact a potential customer without success and how it affects their performance?
Do you know the impact of email trigger bounces marked as “invalid contact” on your email domain?
This is all about data enrichment and contact validation.
If you don't understand the relationship these three aspects have, read on and find out.
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What is data enrichment
When actively prospecting from the point of contact lists, it is important, before taking any approach, to validate what is on the list.
This practice, known as enriching contacts, increases the chances of actually speaking to the best person within the company for the subject.
This prevents the sales team from wasting time trying to contact using incorrect data (such as phone and email).
In addition to preventing your email domain from being identified as SPAM and your domain blocked by mass shooting to invalid email addresses.
How to enrich data
Data, especially in the B2B market, is susceptible to constant change. What makes data enrichment so important:?
Data enrichment prevents these problems and can even ensure that your company can increase its lead generation by 400%
Now that you know the key statistics that prove the importance of data enrichment, let's find out how to put it into practice in 3 steps:
1 – Validate contact information
The first step in data enrichment is validating your list information.
After all, it’s impossible to enrich contacts that are incorrect, do you agree?
To validate the information and enrich the data, you can also use the target companies' website and LinkedIn.
There you can find phone(s) and email(s) of companies and compare them with those on your list.
You can also search the company's LinkedIn page and – in addition to extracting contact details, you can also discover people in key positions within the company.
For example, if your company supplies office supplies, you should search for the buyer (responsible for purchasing supplies for the company).
A more practical way to validate contacts is using a sales system such as Leads2b.
We have a specific functionality, aimed precisely at identifying contact data, such as email, telephone and social networks. It's the Contact Finder.
With it, your sales team optimizes prospecting time by using a system that automatically generates contact information.
Enrich data by finding new numbers and comparing numbers from your list using the Contact Finder
With the Contact Finder, you can also do data enrichment by obtaining and comparing the emails of the target companies in your list.
Social networks can also be found through the Contact Finder, completing its data enrichment
In addition to the contact finder, Leads2b also offers the CNPJ Consultation, which is a page where you can collect more information about companies, enriching data for free.
There, you can extract information from more than 47 million companies by company name, market segment, CNPJ number, address or partner name.
Another Leads2b alternative to enrich the data of its target companies is to use CNPJ Consultation
After choosing the contact that will enrich, the platform allows you to create email flows – including dates and times – for the shots. After data enrichment, you can start the automatic triggers flow using Leads2b's “Flows” functionality
Another valid strategy is to send an e-mail to someone with a higher position than your target contact and ask them to indicate the person responsible for the supply department.
This technique provides greater support, as it was the superior of your target contact who drove the communication.
You can also call the company's number directly and ask to be referred to the person responsible for purchasing inputs.

2 – Search the company
To start enriching your contacts, you can use the official website of the target companies on your list.
After all, it is essential to know some general aspects about the companies to be able to put together an approach and a sales pitch that is engaging and actually delivers relevant value when offering your solution.
On the website, look mainly at the “who we are” menu to understand a little more about the company's history, its trajectory, its achievements, mission, vision, values and objectives.
Don't forget to identify the target companies' pains. The barriers that keep them from reaching their goals.
You can identify these pains by searching on social networks and on pages like Complain Here.
There you will find the main complaints about the products or services provided by the company (causes of pain) and you can use this information to list the solution provided by you as the solution to these problems.

Also, on social networks, especially LinkedIn, you can get valuable information that relates to the product you are going to provide to the company.
For example, if you provide an inventory automation ERP. If you notice that the company is hiring another stockiest.
You can send a direct, e-mail or call saying that you follow the company on LinkedIn and realized that it is expanding its stock team.
Then, you can present your product saying that it allows you to increase the productivity of the company's current team, without the need for a new hire – since it automates processes, bringing practicality and agility.
Read More:

3 – Search for the contact who will speak within the company
In addition to the company itself, it is also important to know your target contact in depth.
After all, his pains and goals can also interfere in the acquisition decision. And, by knowing more about him, you can turn him into an ally, convincing other decision makers to make the purchase.
To do this, seek to understand the specific pains of this target contact by searching, for example, on LinkedIn.
Just by looking at his posts, you can better understand the aspirations of this target contact.
Another key tactic for creating a closer connection (rapport) with him is to identify the profile of this potential customer during the conversation and mirror their behavior.
After all, different profiles are interested in different points. In other words, you need to present your solution from different points of view in order to win them over.
Identifying and adapting to your buyer's profile is another key element for effective data enrichment
Using the same example as ERP for inventory. If you identify that you are talking to a profile:
Lobo: can highlight the degree of organization and control that the tool offers
Eagle: Start an approach by showing that the tool saves staff time, giving them more time to plan more innovative and effective solutions to optimize inventory management
Tuba Rao: show in a practical way the benefits of the tool and present its return on investment
Gatos: describe how the partnership between your company and his will bring positive results, how the tool ensures that information is accessible to all team members, ensuring better communication and how this will result in an environment with a positive climate.
Data enrichment keeps your CRM full of accurate information about your customers – improving your chances of establishing contact and potentially increasing your conversions.
If you're just starting out and don't have the budget to invest in a paid tool, get started using our CNPJ Consultation.

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