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A Persian rug is a type of heavy decorative textile from Iran. Before the 20th century AD, ancient Iran was called Persia. This is why people call Persian rugs Iranian rugs or Iranian carpets. Persian rugs have a long and rich history – some scholars estimate that first pile carpets might have appeared there 2500 years ago! Out of all oriental rugs made within the ‘Rug Belt’, Persian carpets have always enjoyed the greatest popularity and prestige. Refined workmanship, a huge variety of awe-inspiring designs and deep cultural significance are all attributes of Persian rugs. Antique Persian rugs constitute the largest and most diverse category of textiles, synonymous with masterful craftsmanship and sublime art. Their meticulous designs convey the history and beliefs of the Orient – each motif, line, dot or shade carries profound meaning. Thus, the face of every antique Oriental rug is in fact a story told by its weaver. To read it, one has to study particular elements of the rug and know the place of its origin, like the town, village, tribe, or at least the region. Within our stock, there is a Persian rug for sale to suit your taste in every size imaginable, from room-sized to large area rugs. Call us: 347-923-5055.

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