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Defense Tactical Holsters (DT Holsters)

4 months ago

ID: #826414

Listed In : Industrial Estates

Business Description

Defense Tactical Holsters LLC is veteran owned (USMC), based in Franklin KY and US made. Our selection of high quality Kydex holsters will cover all of your needs at a reasonable price.

iwb glock 19 holster
glock 19 iwb holster
iwb holster glock 19
ruger security 9 holster
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bersa thunder 380 holster
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sig sauer p365 holster
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springfield xds 9mm holster
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cz 75 sp01 holster
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s&w bodyguard 380 holster
38 special revolver holster
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glock 43 ankle holster
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1911 holster rock island
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