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Fire | Water Damage Restoration Of New York

2 years ago

ID: #544968

Business Description

Fire | Water Damage Restoration of New York is a company that has been serving NYC for over two decades. Our specialization includes emergency services such as water damage restoration, mold remediation and fire damage clean-up with our experienced staffs ready to take on anysize job! We are located right at the heart cornicopia so if you need help don't hesitate get back online today by calling (347) 614-1020

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Mark L. Hess
August 16, 2022

The rapid response time of this company is something that we appreciated. They were able to deal with our problem quickly and efficiently, even when it arose at 2am!

Douglas K. Moore
August 10, 2022

Their crew is an experienced group of professionals that know how to deal with water damage. The crew was very quick and efficient in their work, I couldn't have asked for more from them!

Guillermo S. Lovelace
August 8, 2022

They did an amazing job on our carpets! We had renters that left us with some mess, but they did it right up. The house looked brand new after they were done - I highly recommend these guys if you need your home or business professionally cleaned.

James B. Yates
August 3, 2022

We were so worried about the damage done to our cream-colored couch after a pipe explosion. We called Fire Water Damage Restoration and they came out that same day, repairing all of its damages quickly with such affordable prices! I am beyond happy with their service--even better than when we first bought it. I would never have thought it possible without them!

William M. Phillips
August 2, 2022

The Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York team is always on time and keeps their word. The first visit was so good that we called them back for another consult just days later, and they honored this second request without any issue! They're professional but also personable--you can tell these guys really care about making sure your needs are met each customer deserves personalized service at his/her highest level of expertise!

Larry D. Cross
August 1, 2022

We knew it was bad when we found that the dishwasher in our kitchen had overflowed. But, Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York made sure to help us before anything else happened and I'm so thankful for their quick response time! If they hadn't been there with such professionalism during this difficult situation- well let's just say those hardwood floors wouldn’t be looking too good right now. Thanks, guys!

William D. Robertson
July 29, 2022

First-time homeowner and I enjoy the ambiance of my place. Out of nowhere, a sudden boiler leak in the basement got me so worried but then they popped up to help! They did an incredible job with their professional approach to solving this problem.

Todd J. Reding
July 25, 2022

They have helped us restore our home after it was damaged by fire. They were kind and helpful with every decision, accommodating to all of your needs!

Patrick S. Peebles
July 20, 2022

They were very professional, and considerate and did a great job! I hope to never have another mold situation and fire damage again but if I do then my friends at this company will be the first ones on the scene for sure.

Daniel M. Hardesty
July 19, 2022

The Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York professional team was there from the beginning to make sure everything gets restored and cleaned up. They were a major player in helping our company with its post-flood cleanup efforts, which I'm really glad they did because without them we would have had an even bigger headache! If you're looking for someone water damage near me and who can handle all of your restoration needs at once - this is definitely where it's at.

Brad P. Smith
July 18, 2022

When my bathroom flooded, I called them. The crew came in and did an incredible job restoring everything to great condition! From start to finish Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York kept me updated on the progress of repairs while working quickly throughout each day -- even when some unexpected complications needed addressing later down the road after finishing up the initial workday already completed promise.

Felipe M. Thomas
July 15, 2022

The water in my garage was causing all sorts of damage, but thanks to Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York and their amazing customer service I can finally breathe easy. The professional guy took care of everything for me--coordinating with home owner's insurance company so that they would cover the cost; he made sure there were no further problems during remediation (and even provided tips on how best accomplish this task); then once complete cleaned up any leftovers himself! It won't be long before you too have a beautiful corner filled only laughter & joy!

Stephen M. Conway
July 13, 2022

The whole team was so kind, efficient and helpful! They came in on a Saturday to help us out with our water damage caused by the pipe leaking. The professional team that worked here, they took the time to communicate what his plan would be before getting started which left me feeling confident about everything happening right away-and he did just that--fixed all those wet areas quickly without any hassle or further problems because suddenly we had an expert at hand who knew exactly where things needed fixing.

Louis T. Travis
July 11, 2022

The damage from a water line pipe leak in our kitchen and apartment office was overwhelming to us. We had no idea who we should call for help, but this company cared enough about fixing the problem that they pitched in with everything needed on their end!

Raymond E. Reinhardt
July 5, 2022

My water damage was so bad that it caused major structural damage in my apartment. Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York came out on short notice and quickly removed the mold from every corner of our house, making me feel safe again! They went above and beyond by helping with new floors as well since we couldn't stay there any longer due to all these health problems after cleanup had started. I highly recommend their water damage restoration services if you need help fast when something goes wrong at your place.

Michael E. King
July 1, 2022

Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York professional team did an awesome job on the restoration. They were very quick, professional, friendly service- they made it feel like we're their number one priority! The estimate process was easy too--you can tell that these guys know what they’re doing because everything went smoothly from start to finish with no hiccups or delays in any part of our interaction. Plus their clean-up crew left us with sparkling windows that look brand new again.

Thomas C.
June 28, 2022

The fire damage restoration crew from Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York was incredible! They came to very quick our aid on a job and we couldn't be happier with their service. The staff arrived promptly, and did just what they said would do for an affordable price- which means more work in the future too.

Timothy B. Cutlip
June 27, 2022

My house needed water damage restoration after years. They helped me out with everything from start to finish and I couldn't be happier! They were knowledgeable, helpful people who went above-and-beyond what you would expect from your average; they made an effort not only for themselves but also for those around them by being so kind during this process too. All workers did great jobs.

James A. Stacy
June 23, 2022

When my home was hit with water damage, I knew whom to call. They came out and got the job done quickly without any hassle or delay! They were professional throughout this process which made me feel confident about hiring them for future needs that may come up in life again.

Jeffrey L. McCullough
June 20, 2022

You'll be so happy you decided to call Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York for all your fire and water damage needs. They are the most responsive business I have ever seen, their crew will take great care of fixing up any property that has been damaged by these emergencies!

Bradford J. Lambert
June 9, 2022

Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York was amazing in our time of need. We had water leaks into the dining room ceiling from 2nd-floor toilets that needed fixing right away before they worsen or caused more water damage to my family's belongings! The staff was so helpful, calling back quickly with availability windows for scheduling appointments while working families are busy- thanks to them plus all those who helped make this less stressful.

Martin T. Anderson
June 8, 2022

Their work is top-notch and they're willing to go above what's expected when it comes down to agreements. From water damage repair, fire damage restoration, or anything else you can imagine - these professionals have got your back!

Fredric P. Harper
June 8, 2022

The water damage in my house was pretty bad. The landlord recommended that I call Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York, and they came out to fix it within 25 minutes! They did such a good job--I've already recommended them to friends who live near me with mold issues (and will be contacting you soon!).

Jeffrey K. Cochran
June 6, 2022

They were amazing! I can't believe how good they did. They're so friendly and professional, it made me feel at ease when everything was tidied up after the fire damage. My home is back to normal thanks for all your help - would recommend them to anyone who needs cleaning services.

Steven E. Nevin
June 4, 2022

We were very pleased to have had the assistance from Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York this past week. They worked tirelessly and efficiently, showed care for our property while they cleaned up the water damage that might occur during their work here at home--especially given these unusual Covid times where everyone needs extra attention! We appreciated how you guys took time out from all those busy schedules just so everything would turn out well

Micheal L. Johnson
June 3, 2022

When my property was severely flooded, I had no idea who to call. Fortunately, the Fire Water Damage Restoration of New York provided great services including sewage cleaning and they were just one of the companies that offered their help in helping me! They did a great job with everything — I’m so happy we found them when it was most important.

William G. Stewart
June 2, 2022

The team at Fire | Water Damage Restoration Of New York were awesome!
We had a serious fire that caused us some major damage, luckily we found this company who was able to come in as soon as possible and help with the restoration process. They didn't take advantage during our situation which made it even more special because they cared about what happened here rather than just making money off people's mistakes or accidents - That crossed over from typical customer service duties into really going above-and beyond expectations by being honest through everything no matter how bad things got; It makes me want them on speed dial if anything ever happen again

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