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Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island

1 year ago

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Business Description

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is a fully licensed and insured, local company. We have been providing water damage restoration to the Nassau, NY area for over 10 years. We are a leading disaster recovery and property restoration service in the region. With over 15 years of experience, we offer professional services that include water damage repair, fire/smoke damage restoration, mold remediation and reconstruction. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for drying wet materials, we are able to tackle any size project with a single call. We are always here for our customers, day or night, 7 days a week, always with a smile on.
Clarence D. Nelson
August 30, 2022

This company did an excellent job remediating our wall which had some water damage. The crew worked quickly but thoroughly, especially considering they had to work around my schedule!

Robert M. Jones
August 16, 2022

The crew saved us! We were flooded on the first day of this year. Our stocks was drowning in our basement and we called this water damage restoration company, who showed up after 30 minutes with their prevention techniques that helped stop any further damage from happening before it got worse. Thanks so much :)

William D. Nickerson
August 3, 2022

They are the most professional company I have ever worked with and the best water damage near me. They are very dependable, and efficient in their work ethic which makes me feel assured that my home will be clean of any unwanted debris or messes left behind from a flood damage situation!

William V. Cornelius
August 2, 2022

The Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island team was at my door early before I got home. They were fast, clean, honest, and efficient with their work! These professionals know what they are doing when it comes to water damage restoration or fire damage repair as well--I give them an A+.

Jose M. Boyd
August 1, 2022

We were very satisfied with the water damage restoration service we received from Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island. The crew that arrived at our apartment was polite, professional , thorough in their work ethic They explained everything they did as well . We would definitely recommend this water damage near me to anyone who needs help cleaning up after a sewage pipe burst!

Larry D. Crittenden
July 29, 2022

The Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island are the best! I loved how they kept my house safe, honest, clean, and professional all while being friendly. You won't find a better service anywhere else on Long Island. I highly recommend this company if you need any work done around your property or office space because these guys know what they're doing-it's just awesome!

Kevin K. Nelson
July 25, 2022

We had a sewage pipe burst that cause leak on the second floor of our home, and I'm glad that they were there to help us out. They were very professional in their workmanship- they made sure not only myself but also my wife felt comfortable with everything happening before leaving!

Glenn K. Sweet
July 20, 2022

When I leaked into the bathroom, it was taken care of by the Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island. They were very quick to respond and their service has been great! The job they did for me seemed like everything went well so now all that's left is happiness which you can provide too if your company into this project - apply today!

Christopher M. Cherry
July 20, 2022

We had the fire department come out because our house was burned. They told us to consider it a loss, but Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island cleared all traces and gave us back our home! Thank you - thank YOU!

Raymond S. Witt
July 19, 2022

The crew arrived at my home early on a Saturday morning to help with the burst pipe. He knew exactly what needed done and fixed it quickly without any hassle or problem!

Robert N. Rector
July 18, 2022

If you need mold removal, fire damage or flood damage repair, this leading Islip team is the one for your needs. They are attentive and affordable!

Victor P. Shirley
July 15, 2022

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island's professional team are the best! We called them on the night to come to fix our burst pipe, but they were able to arrive sooner than expected. They worked closely with my insurance adjuster during this process too--made things go much smoother for us as patients!

Scott L. Reed
July 13, 2022

If you need water damage restoration, this company is the best! I can't say enough great things about them. The response times were fast and they were very reasonably priced which is rare these days, especially with most companies charging an arm and leg just because their services claim to be "professional." Plus when it comes down right to getting your house cleaned up after some disaster has happened - this company specializes entirely in disasters so don’t worry no matter what kind comes knocking at your hone, business or apartment ;)

Charles J. Altizer
July 11, 2022

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island did an amazing job making restoring my home. After the storm hit, I had no idea how badly our basement would be damaged, and when Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island showed up at first light with their team ready for anything. I wasn't sure if they could help us out in time before the pipes burst but lucky enough it just needed some minor fixing which ended up being much cheapest than expected! If you need any sort of water damage restoration service done around these parts then these professional guys are worth considering as well as having on speed dial next year too!

Christopher C. Davidson
July 5, 2022

We had a crack pipe leak into our basement. The crew came and took care of everything for us, they're friendly courteous professional quick fixed the problem fast Worked around schedules very neat made sure we weren't disturbed during repairs I highly recommend Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island.

David C. Schrecengost
July 4, 2022

The professional team was professional and courteous - They knew exactly what to do! From start to finish the team made my house drying out as easy for me. I highly recommend them if you need help with any water damage restoration or mold removal problems on your property today!! The best water damage near me!

John J. Christensen
June 27, 2022

When we had a pipe leak, and the Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island came within the hour. They were very professional with their management of our apartment - going above what was expected! The crew that fixed this problem did so quickly without any hassle or inconvenience on either side--they delivered everything promised plus more which is why I recommend them so highly to anyone who needs help around here.

Brandon E. Louis
June 23, 2022

I am very pleased with the service I received. They were professional and thorough from start to finish! There is no doubt in my mind that this company will be receiving more of our business soon if they haven't already done so by now thanks again for everything.

John J. Hawkins
June 21, 2022

The water damage at my house was devastating, but then the crew made it so much easier to deal with. They were always available for questions and answered them in an informative way - I really appreciate how professional you all are!

Roger F. Fleming
June 14, 2022

The water damage restoration experts from Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island were very professional and caring. They worked hard to protect my floors, walls, furniture--even the ceiling! The crew made sure that nothing got ruined during their services by checking up on us after finishing each job for any issues or problems before leaving - I loved their business!

Brent H. Carroll
June 14, 2022

We had water damage in our new home and we're so thankful to find Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island. The team came within two hours of contacting them, which gave us peace of mind that they would be there when we needed them most! Their workmanship is top-notch - no corners were cut or mistakes overlooked during restoration proceedings; it's clear these crews take pride in what they do which made all the difference after such tough times like ours. Highly recommend their business!

Cecil J. Haines
June 9, 2022

When my wife and I saw the water damage in our home, we knew who to call. The expert is an excellent company with quick responses that take care of all your needs - even if it turns out to be something as simple as fixing water damage!

Leonard R. Brown
June 7, 2022

We had a great experience with them. The crew was incredibly professional and helpful, coming immediately to assess our water damage before setting up fans or anything else that might be needed! They also visited periodically throughout the process until we were completely dry again - couldn't have asked for more from them or any other company in this situation.

Raymond B. Schalk
June 6, 2022

Professional crews came out to my place for a few minutes and assessed what type of damage was at hand before quickly starting to repair everything for water damage. If you need help with any kind of water-based issue, these staff will take care of it quickly as well I appreciate again thanks! Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is something I highly recommend.

Hubert D. Brown
June 6, 2022

I had water damage from my roof leaking and they came right out to take care of everything! the crew was so nice, I highly recommend Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island if you have any type of emergency, pipe, and leaking damage at home.

Kelvin L. Ford
June 6, 2022

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is the most reliable company when it comes to water damage restoration. They will make your home, apartment, or business more better than new within 24 hours!

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