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New York Water Damage

2 years ago

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Business Description

New York Water Damage Services specializes water damage restoration services, and working with insurance companies to ensure your claim is processed quickly and successfully. We have the expertise needed for every situation, from water damage clean up services all over New York City or Long Island; we offer a free estimate and a 30 min response for any emergency flood or fire damage. We are fully licensed and insured. Give us a call today!

Business Hours

Monday : 00:00 - 12:00

Tuesday : 00:00 - 12:00

Wednesday : 00:00 - 12:00

Thursday : 00:00 - 12:00

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Sunday : 00:00 - 12:00

Herbert J. Humble
November 6, 2022

They were able to come out and resolve all my issues quickly. The crew that came in looked very professional, and got the job done quick with no mess left behind - just like I requested! Great rates too so if you need someone reliable for your home or office building's cleanliness this company should be at top of the list!

Tom C. Lao
August 30, 2022

This company is a business that has been around for years and they're doing everything to help me out. They've got reliable service, which makes them an excellent company in my eyes!

Kevin A. Snook
August 16, 2022

They're the best at what they do! I had water damage in my basement and these guys took care of it for me. Professional, on time, clean - you can't go wrong with such dedicated professionals.

Amos K. Hughes
August 12, 2022

We were so impressed with New York Water Damage that we wanted to share our experience. The crew was compassionate and professional from the start-to-finish, making this difficult time in our lives much less stressful! We'll recommend them as well because top-notch water damage restoration service deserves recognition.

Eric S. Brown
August 2, 2022

The New York Water Damage team is the best in their field. They were able to fix my house and make it look like nothing ever happened! I would recommend them for all water damage or fire damage restoration.

Hong M. Trammell
August 1, 2022

When the New York Water Damage crew arrived, they were able to find my leak and prescribe a plan for clean-up. They communicated that it would be an easy fix! In addition, their staff was professional while being courteous with me throughout this process which made everything more bearable in comparison - thank you!! 100% will use their water damage restoration again when needed!

Stephen M. Fecteau
July 29, 2022

The water from my leaky pipe flooded the whole downstairs of our apartment, but thanks to New York Water Damage's professional crew I only had minimal damage. They were so nice and took care not just about fixing what needed to be fixed down there--they also helped me out by taking away all this extra mess!

Sam D. Curtis
July 26, 2022

The crew came to my apartment and gave me an assessment. They were very helpful in understanding what needed to be done for the project at hand - which turned out not only to be hassle-free but also efficient! The work itself took just days before everything had settled down again thanks largely due they're skillful hands on management of this tough situation.

Thomas H. Perkins
July 20, 2022

Their response time was amazing and they helped us out when our pipes burst to cause a large flood. The water damage restoration and fire damage service from this company has been great, we really recommend them!

James J. McKay
July 19, 2022

The crew at New York Water Damage is a dedicated team who cares about their customers. They're knowledgeable, and responsive and always go above and beyond to make sure that you have an amazing experience with them! I would recommend this company for all your water damage and fire damage restoration needs - they've been nothing but stellar in terms of service.

Donnie N. Schwab
July 18, 2022

We called them to come to fix our pipe leak in the basement. They were able to get here quickly and efficiently, as well as being very friendly! The workers are courteous professionals that make sure everything is safe before they start working which I appreciate from professional team--I would highly recommend them if you have any problems with water coming through your wall or ceilings.

Joe B. Green
July 15, 2022

They are the best at what they do. They responded quickly to my leak and made sure everything was taken care of before even asking about how much it would cost! The service techs were all very friendly, professional people who know their stuff - I highly recommend using them if you need any work done on your home or business property today! Highly recommend New York Water Damage!

John T. Johnson
July 13, 2022

We had them took care of our water damage restoration. They found hidden mold behind the tile in one bathroom, which they removed for us before restoring it to its original state!
I highly recommend New York Water Damage if you need any help with your home, apartment, or business because these professional teams know what they're doing-schooling every other company out there on how to perform an excellent job!

Steve B. Doerr
July 11, 2022

We appreciated the team at New York Water Damage. They were very professional and timely with their water damage restoration services, which is what you want from an insurance company! The people I dealt with were also easy to chat with or talk to on top of being helpful throughout this process - they handled all my worries while making it as painless as possible for me. They are fantastic: always returning calls promptly even after hours if necessary so we felt taken care of completely without any extra stress placed upon ourselves during such trying times.

David J. Sanchez
July 6, 2022

The crew was wonderful! They arrived very quick, worked efficiently without breaking any of my things, and cleaned up behind themselves each day before leaving - what more could one ask for? This is the company you want if your house needs some work done to keep it running smoothly year-round--I recommend them highly!!

Jamaal A. Kent
July 5, 2022

3 weeks ago, my family and I were experiencing water damage at our apartment. The problem had been going on for days without being noticed so we called them to come to fix the issue within 30 minutes! They identified where all of this wetness was coming from which made it much easier than trying to figure out what kind or why ourselves- good job guys!

Bill L. Miller
July 4, 2022

We had water damage in our apartment and we were so glad that the crew from New York Water Damage came out. He made sure to document the entire process for us, telling us what he would be doing as well as asking questions when necessary so there weren't any surprises along his route time or results! Plus with his friendly mannerisms and honest, it felt more like talking buddies than just another service call.

David L. Glover
June 27, 2022

We had a water heater leak and flood our apartment office, but they were able to set us up with some fans right away. The next morning their crew showed up on time without stopping even once so that everything could be cleaned up fully--they worked tirelessly until every last drop of moisture was removed from walls or furniture where necessary. Can't say enough good things about these guys; highly recommended if you need any water damage restoration around your place.

Michael W.
June 23, 2022

When we had a leak in the pipes, it caused water damage to our house and both floors. New York Water Damage was there within an hour of calling them! Over week they came into every day working hard until everything dried out or got fixed - even addressing any concerns that came up a long way too make sure we homeowners were satisfied.

Roy K. Wetzel
June 21, 2022

They crew took care of our home and were very easy to work with. They even helped me to repair the leaky pipe from the bathroom!

William W. Swanson
June 14, 2022

When the crew from New York Water Damage came to clean up our office space, they were able to work within all of its constraints and move seamlessly throughout. They made sure that everything was taken care of on time with perfection in an afternoon! The entire process took less than 2 hours--we couldn't be happier about how smoothly things went thanks entirely to them.

James C. Carter
June 13, 2022

The water damage restoration professionals from New York Water Damage came to my home in just one hour and they were able to spot the leakages in the affected pipes. It only took them two hours total for their worker's expertise, which is why I gave them 5 stars on customer service!

Charles M. Mitchell
June 9, 2022

New York Water Damage was extremely responsive and helpful in stressful time. the professional was amazing to work with and I cannot thank them enough for all they did for us.

John S. McHugh
June 7, 2022

The staff was very welcoming and efficient. They came to our home quickly when we called them, and assessed the damages done by water pipe breakage in only 20 minutes before setting up fans for us so that everything could dry out quickly!

Jose P. Oneal
June 4, 2022

Professional service that was adaptable to our demands, arrived on time, used thermal imaging detection equipment to determine the extent of the damage, and confirmed they were dry once the task was completed. I strongly recommend New York Water Damage.

Marlin M. Willis
June 4, 2022

Wow! When we experienced water damage due to a sewage backup,  New York Water Damage came to our rescue with their outstanding expertise. They spent 4 hours setting up fans, etc., and removed the carpet to get us back on track quickly so that everything could be cleaned thoroughly by the end of the week - what fantastic people they are!! The owner even went by to see how things were doing while I was here, which impressed me because these experts not only take care of business but also make sure everyone involved feels valued.

Curtis I. Chancy
June 3, 2022

New York Water Damage has been a real lifesaver for me! When I first noticed that my store room was flooded, it had already been so badly affected by water damage and mold spores. The crew at New York Water Damage got right to work on restoring the store room--and they did an amazing job with all those pesky cleanup details too; making sure every inch of flooring is clean before we put back anything goes into place.

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