Rick and Ray's Auto Plaza

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Motor oil lubricates the car’s engine and allows it to run smoothly and prolong its life. Rick and Ray’s Auto Plaza offers car owners essential oil change and other complementary services that will make their ride smooth. Rick and Ray’s maintain your car’s engine by changing its oil periodically, according to its make and model. At our pit, almost every car comes with a “check the oil” light and an oil filter under the hood. These mechanisms allow car owners to keep tabs and add oil as needed. Our pit techs are adept in changing the motor oil of your vehicle in an efficient and quick way. We also run tests and inspections on auxiliary systems such as tension belts, coolant levels, and wiper conditions before allowing your car to come out of the pit. With modern knowledge and progressive customer care, we have forged a relationship with our clients in Fort Worth that is based on mutual respect and trust. So, drive-by anytime and get the best service!

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