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Are you trying to navigate your way around the PE, FE, or SE certification exam?

School of PE is a training institution catering to the diverse needs of individuals looking to pass a professional exam. Our expertise in the industry dates as far back as 2004.

School of PE possesses a track record far above the national average passing professional exams.

How We Attained Such Heights?

School of PE is a division of EduMind (one of the leading prep exam institutions worldwide). We have grown to become a dominant presence in our industry by placing our student’s success before ours. ‘’Your success determines our success’’ is a mission statement that we closely follow.

Some institutions are focused on providing training and hoping for a favorable outcome. We created our curriculum and our process from the ground up.

With our student's end goal at the forefront of our teaching spectrum, we design our training curriculum to simplify complex and complicated subjects/topics.

A Flexible Learning Curve

Busy student schedules have made countless individuals avoid taking their FE, PE, or SE. Not wanting to make our students schedule more sophisticated than it already is, our programs have flexible scheduling.

We provide an Ondemand review course and an Ondemand subscription course for anyone that needs to learn at their own pace. These courses come with refreshes notes, lecture videos, discussion forums, and calculator training.

Students who prefer the traditional classroom can enroll in our Onsite review courses. One-on-one tutoring is accessible from our Live Online review class format. Scheduled classes, free lecture repeat, and risk-free enrolment are attached to the Live Online and Onsite review courses.


Our years of experience in the field have provided training to professionals in over 6000 businesses. Among the notable names in our list are individuals in the U.S Army, U.S Navy, and State agencies.

School of PE is a global enterprise, and our expertise covers multiple curriculum spectrums. We equip our faculty with state-of-the-art management systems capable of facilitating learning within the shortest time possible.

Why Choose School of PE?

We have your best interest at heart: a positive student and teacher relationship is key to learning. When a student has a good working relationship with a tutor, learning is more effective and efficient.

To eliminate the bias that comes with a poor student and teacher relationship, we employ multiple lecturers to take on a particular course.

Our track record speaks for itself. Our students pass their exams at a rate far above the national average.

School of PE provides a lifelong learning experience. We focus on the frame of work as it relates to a specific certification exam. School of PE’s teaching process will help students pass their exams and be successful in life.

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