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Secvolt - Global Quant Based Investment Management Firm

1 year ago

ID: #572288

Business Description

Secvolt, Inc (“Secvolt”) is a Quant based global investment management firm. Our investment approach is dedicated to pursuing strong & consistent returns across distinct market cycles and micro-events by using our mathematical and statistical quant models.

Secvolt, Inc is a global investment management firm registered in Wyoming, USA. Our core purpose is to deliver best returns for our clients.

Why choose Secvolt?
1) Tackle inflation : Inflation is 8% in USA. All time high in last 40 years. Protect yourself against it.
2) Control Risk : Fate shouldn’t control your risk. Choose your own risk from 0% to 50%
3) Beat market : Investing in uncertain results costs a lot. Outperform the market.
4) Exceptional Outcomes : Depending on the risk you choose. You can earn up to 512% per annum.

We serve a range of clients including but not limited to,
A) HNI Individuals
B) Family Offices
C) People Pursuing FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)
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January 16, 2024

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