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Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Do not worry, it is fully curable and you get a perfect erection after proper treatment. If you are not capable to get an erection enough for the sex consult your doctor even if you get embarrassed. Many people are having problems in getting proper erection and some in maintaining it. If you are not capable to have an erection or maintain it enough to have sex it is referred to as erectile dysfunction. But as said you do not need to panic about it as it is fully curable. Mens’s health erectile dysfunction is very common in men and according to a survey one in five men have this problem.


• Problem in having an erection
• Problem in maintaining an erection
• Reduced sex desire
When to consult your doctor
• When you have issues regarding your erection
• When you have problems like heart disease, diabetes or other diseases which are known to cause erectile dysfunction.
• If you are suffering from obesity
• If you are alcoholic or use tobacco
Male ***** health problems is one of the complex process which completes with the involvement of brain, hormone, nerve, blood vessels, muscles and also emotion. A problem in any of these may led to ED. Psychological issues also contribute to ED. When you are anxious about your erection, this anexity may hamper your erection.

Physical factors for ED

In a large number of cases, erectile dysfunction is caused by physical problems. Common causes include:
• Heart disease
• Clogged blood vessels in your body specially in ***** parts
• High cholesterol
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Metabolic
• Parkinson's disease

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