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SouthTech is an IT solutions firm that has delivered infrastructure technology and business management solutions throughout Florida since 1994. Capitalizing on their deep understanding of computer networks and finance, SouthTech provides planning, implementation and support for small and medium sized businesses. To supplement their clients' IT needs, SouthTech offers network design and integration services, along with their trademark PowerView Manage, Secure, Cloud, Hosting and Voice offerings. SouthTech provides a one-stop resource by providing VoIP telephone systems as a Star2Star Authorized Dealer. As a green business partner, SouthTech is committed to recycling programs and reducing their waste stream.'Initiatives include office recycling of paper, plastics, toner and printer cartridges, and electronics.'SouthTech recycles computer and battery backup equipment and councils clients on the proper way to dispose of E-waste.'The employees'havereusable mugs, cups and plates in the break rooms and visiting clients are given reusable tumblers, rather than Styrofoam coffee cups, to reduce their impacts.'When moving to their new office location,'office equipment was brought from their previous location, eliminating the need to purchase all new items. SouthTech looks to reduce their footprint through energy saving measures.'The office uses lighting with T-8 with electronic ballasts, LEDs and compact fluorescents.'They have a policy that all electronic devices and lighting be turned off in unoccupied rooms and offices.''Additionally, they reduced energy by installing a small energy saver water heater and have window film and sun shades on their windows. SouthTech is focused on water conservation.'Their office has low-flow toilets and low-flow faucets aerators.'They have eliminated bottled water usage by'having a centrally located office'water cooler.?
Henk Ensing

SouthTech is one of the best IT solution providers in the town. The team is very co-ordinating and professional. They made my work smooth and easy. Thank you, Guys

Mark Wood

I'm totally satisfied with South Tech services, and they gave me exactly what I wanted. I really had a great experience. I wish I could rate more than 5 stars. Thumbs up!

Eric Lason

South tech is the best IT solution provider company. Highly recommended as their services are effective and efficient.Assured Results. Thumbs up!

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