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In the field of virtual staffing, remote billing or marketing services, DrCatalyst is a name that is synonymous with excellence in the US. Since our inception in the year 2014, we strive really hard to offer the best clinical, billing, accounting, marketing, and executive leadership in the healthcare sector and it gives us immense pride and pleasure to offer whatever little contribution that we can offer with our resources. We have a talent pool spanning five countries, and more than 700 experienced and competent employees and serve more than 500 healthcare providers till date within 20 specialties. We have contributed towards an average savings of close to $14,000/year per remote employee to our associated healthcare facilities. We handle more than 90,000 completed tasks per day. Our effort have seen us experiencing a steady growth each year and that has become possible only due to our long standing association with specialty and long term care pharmacies, clinics of all specialties, block chain healthcare technology, EMR companies, payer software companies, independent physician associations and their unending faith on our service. We have American Managers who oversee US, India, Philippines, Dominican Republic, and Columbia virtual assistants, marketers, and billers.

Our founder members have all come from the various fields of healthcare like pharmacy, staffing, and EMR. They all have personally felt the struggles of employee retention in clinics around the nation, the increasing wages, and the lower reimbursements. The COVID 19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented shortage of healthcare personnel all through the US healthcare sector. We have a mission to offer solutions to all those problems through our experienced and capable virtual medical staffing, billing, transcription and marketing services. From our very first day, our effort was to contribute to the betterment of the US healthcare and ensure that the patients receive high quality care from all healthcare facilities. On the other hand, we continue to offer the best form of honest remote service to the facilities so that they can focus completely on patient care knowing very well that their remote staffing, billing and marketing services are well taken care of. Our talent scout team is renowned for its effectiveness; always on the lookout for the best sales, marketing, clinical, software developers, and billing talents across the globe. We wish to act as an extension of our client’s healthcare facility so that their patient care gets elevated to new heights and at the same time the facility can have a steady source of continuous billing process.

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