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Utilitac Equipment and Upfitting

1 year ago

ID: #530474

Listed In : Vehicles

Business Description

Utilitac Equipment and Upfitting is the most qualified
commercial vehicle equipment shop. Located in Elk County Pennsylvania, we provide sales and installation of the latest vehicle equipment for Emergency Services- including Police Departments, Fire Departments, and Emergency Medical Services. Additionally, we serve government agencies, Municipalities, Utility Companies, Construction companies, Landscapers, and Towing businesses.

Our products include the latest in vehicle lighting, truck bodies, snow plows, bumpers, headache racks, and more. We work with a variety of manufacturers such as Whelen, Duramag, Havis, Feniex, and 5.11 Tactical, to bring you the most advanced technology, the longest lasting materials and effective gear specific to your industry.

Our certified technicians use a custom VoltLink system that allows for timed, constant, and fused outputs. Additionally, this system generates an efficient and clean installation. On top of being a COSTARS vendor, we are ASE, NTEA, and EVT certified.

We frequent trade shows and manufacturer events throughout the country to bring you the most relevant and up to date products by setting up vendor relationships with some of the largest players in the industry.
Our facility has cutting-edge video surveillance and overall building security to protect your asset to the fullest capacity while it is in our care. We have 32- 4K 30 FPS redundant cameras with data stored locally and offsite in real-time, no window access to our shop, personalized RFID access cards, internal and external motion triggered alarms, along with full employee background checks- all to ensure your vehicle is in good hands throughout the entire upfitting process.

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