25 Stunning Statistics of Instagram Marketing That Upgrades Your Business Strategy

25 Stunning Statistics of Instagram Marketing That Upgrades Your Business Strategy

Instagram is a powerhouse for entertainment more than other social media platforms. It is the most engaging media for all business people and brands. Within a short span of a decade, Instagram has grown rapidly with an engagement of audiences of one million people every month. Half of those people are involved daily on Instagram by sharing their activities with their brands. So it becomes interesting for marketers and intends to include Instagram in their marketing plan to grow their business on the right path.

Instagram is updating with tons of features that help marketers to grow their brand. The algorithm on Instagram is also upgrading to give the best experience for the users because most businesses expect maximum profit while marketing on Instagram. The only way to get success on Instagram is by knowing the statistics and growing yourself accordingly with future plans.

The below 25 statistics will give you information and ideas to improve your marketing strategy on Instagram.

1. Billion Active Users

As of 2021, there are more than one billion active users monthly on Instagram, which is a big number. The high number of engaging people positions Instagram behind Facebook, which has 2.8 billion, and beyond other social media networks like Twitter with 353 million audiences and Pinterest with 459 million users. Instagram attained rapid growth after the year 2013, where the active users doubled within four years, which means that one among the seven people is using Instagram actively. 

2. 500 Million Users Use Instagram Stories Daily

Instagram introduced the Stories feature, which is launched as an equivalent to Snapchat. Instagram Stories lets users share their engaging activities in a slideshow format that appears on your follower’s feed for 24 hours. It becomes an engaging medium for all the users where at least 500 million users share their activities daily on the stories. The engagement on stories increased to over 100 million users from 2018.

3. Usage of Like Button – 4.2 Billion Times

Instagram is all about visual content, and it has the highest engagement rate among other social media platforms. The audiences on Instagram use the like button more than 4.2 billion times per day. The high engagement is only due to the type of visual content on the post, which attracts the attention of many users and makes them hit like for those engaging content.

4. Spending 30 Minutes Per Day

People on social media spend most of their free time on Instagram, like on Facebook. But from 2019 to 2020, the usage of Instagram is growing by 13.8% daily, whereas Facebook is only increasing by 4.3% daily. On average, the users on Instagram spend an approximate time of 30 minutes per day. While spending more time on Instagram, it helps business people on a large scale to view their ads and will notice your brand if it is interesting.

5. Purchase Products On Instagram

Most of the audiences use Instagram to buy new products from the direct manufacturer. Since Instagram is a powerful promoting medium for marketing your products, most people show interest in buying products. From recent research, 72% of people on Instagram already purchased products when they see them on this application. More than 130 million users on Instagram show attention to the posts related to shopping.

6. 70% Of Users Like To Buy On Mobile

One-third of users on Instagram use their mobile to buy products on online platforms, where 70% of people like to buy directly on a particular website more than on the shopping application. Instagram suits the best for businesses to drive traffic for purchasing products that direct users directly to the purchase page for the particular product.

7. 88% Users On Instagram Are Outside U.S

In recent times, Instagram reported that 88% of users on Instagram are outside the United States. The report adds benefits for brands and business people around the world other than the U.S. The above date brings popularity for the Instagram application and increases interest among the people among different language people. Many users show interest in visual content, so make your post engaging to audiences.

8. 71% Of Young People Use Instagram

People under the age of 35 use Instagram for entertainment and business purposes. If you want to target audiences between the ages of 19 to 35, then Instagram is the best place to market your brand, where more than 71% of active users are young adults. This platform will definitely add value to your brand by attracting young adults to your business.

9. Video Content Generates More Engagement

Though most people like visual content, they concentrate more on videos than images. The video content on Instagram generates 38% higher engagement than the image content. The special feature to get higher engagement is by increasing IGTV likes to extend your brand reach. Keep your followers engaged on your account by giving a creative video with unique content or publishing posts by mixing video and image content.

10. 65% Of Top-Performing Post Are Products

Brands get higher performance for the post having the features of their product. From research made by L2, 65% of top-performing posts on Instagram from brands are the product content. But if you are bringing a product on your post, verify whether the particular product is shoppable while clicking on your post. The user should know your product details once they click on the product image.

11. 50% Of Captions & Comments Are Emojis

Since Instagram is an excellent place for visual content, it does not leave captions and comments. The visual content on comments and captions displays in the form of emojis to keep the audience engaged. There are about 2823 emoji options on Instagram that are used by people, where 50% use emojis to respond in comments and while writing captions for the post.

12. Post With Hashtag Gain 12.6% Higher Engagement

Hashtags on Instagram are a sign of increasing your brand visibility. Using hashtags is popular because they work well on improving the engagement rate for your business. Research shows that using at least one hashtag on your post improves your engagement rate by 12.6% than the post without any hashtags.

13. Improve Engagement By Providing Location

Brands on Instagram achieve 79% more engagement for the post having your business location. The geotags on Instagram allow users to find your content when a user searches for a particular location. If you tag location on your content caption, Instagram drives the user to the location page when the audience clicks on it.

14. 90% Of People Follow At Least One Brand

There are plenty of brands and business people involved on Instagram to improve their marketing among the wider user base. People get clear information and have direct contact with the top officials of business on Instagram. So people show interest in following a brand or product to buy it when required in the future. Because of this, 90% of users follow at least one business brand on Instagram.

15. 69.2% Of Marketers Use Instagram

Over the last year, 69.2% of marketers are using Instagram for marketing their brand and products. In this year, it is expected that nearly seven in ten marketers use Instagram as a marketing tool for their business involving in improving their marketing trends and increasing their sales conversion.

16. Usage Of Branded Hashtags Are 7 Out Of 10

The best way to get better results while running a campaign is by using branded hashtags on your campaign post. Branded hashtags add some specialty to your business by pointing to your brand name or product, resulting in a better promotion. According to a simple study, out of 10 hashtags, seven hashtags used on Instagram are branded, leading to your product promotion easily.

17. 9th Most Popular App In Google

You all think that people use Google only to search for information regarding news, weather, videos, technologies, etc., but they also search for favorite applications like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and Flipkart on Google. Likewise, Instagram also took part in that search, and it is listed as the 9th most popular application on the google search list.

18. More Than 100 Million Posts Uploading In A Day

Instagram is a competitive medium where millions and millions of people engage with their friends by uploading their memorable activities. When Instagram was launched, it was only a photo-sharing application, and the popularity was very low in 2010. But now, Instagram provides a popularity for many businesses since the users upload over 100 million posts every day. Make your content unique and interesting to sustain in this environment. 

19. 140 Million Instagram Users In U.S

In the third quarter of 2020, there was an 8% increase in Instagram usage in the United States. The audience in the U.S is growing consistently, with an average Instagram user percentage of 12. The U.S report shows that 140 million people are using Instagram for various purposes.

20. Top Five Countries With Highest Instagram Reach 

Though the number of Instagram users in Kazakhstan is not much higher, it is the country with the highest Instagram reach of 72% of its population. The other four countries behind Kazakhstan with the highest reach are,

  • Brunei with 71%
  • Iceland with 67%
  • Kuwait with 66% and
  • Turkey with 66%

If your target audiences are in those places, then Instagram will be an effective platform to grow your business organically.

21. Tutorial Video – Most Popular Video Content

Beyond interviews and news coverage, showing the videos about your product’s performance will gain better results on Instagram marketing. Bring out the usage of your products in the how-to-do videos and engage your audiences at a higher level and increase the sale conversions. Also, provide some instructions to use your product and the positive features to attract them.

22. 25% Of Ads On Instagram Are Videos

Instagram provides both image and video content on Ad feature. Though photo ads gain more audiences, video content has overtaken its popularity. More than 25% of ads on Instagram are single videos. You can provide a video length of 60 seconds on these ads, but the engagement rate decreases when length increases. So, to target your audiences, a 30 seconds video will be sufficient.

23. Influencer Marketing Grown Up To 48%

Influencer marketing helps small business people on Instagram to grow their followers count organically, improving the relationship between new followers. From a recent report, the number of posts using the caption #ad increases by 48%, showing that influencer marketing is taking part on Instagram on a large scale.

24. UGC Has A 4.5% Of Higher Conversion Rate

The UGC (User-Generated Content) is the type of content that may be in video or image format that you got from your customers and used in your marketing campaign. The brands using these UGC content gain an increase of 4.5% of higher conversion rate, and if you and your audiences interact with the post, the conversion rate increases by 9.6%.

25. Instagram Users Interact Mostly In Afternoon

The post on your social media will perform well only if you post your content knowing the active time of your audiences. From lots of analysis, the best time to post on Instagram is 1.00 PM and 5.00 PM, but B2B companies get more CTR (click-through rate) between 12.00 PM to 1.00 PM, 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM and between 8.00 PM to 9.00 PM. You can post on the above time to get higher engagement to the particular post.

Final Thought

Knowing the statistics on Instagram will help you to improve your marketing strategy that grows your business or brand quickly. Improve your marketing efforts on Instagram by knowing the above statistics and deliver to your audiences at the right time with your engaging content. Nowadays, Instagram is growing as a powerful marketing tool for businesses, increasing the competition for brands. So, use the above statistical information and expand your brand reach and improve your business visibility among huge audiences.


Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at PlanYourGram.com. She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks