Fixing Air Duct Leak: Professional Repair Do It Yourself

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Any home construction needs periodic maintenance, including your HVAC equipment. But if you notice that the air exchange in one of the rooms is disturbed, it is already a question of fixing air duct leak.

Leaking duct is one of the main causes for underperformance of HVAC system. As a result of reduced energy efficiency, you have high utility bills and unsatisfactory home temperatures. So, our job is to find duct leaks and repair them.

Leaking air means a leaky budget. But your repair costs and materials will pay off in one season with savings in your energy bills. Trust us!

What Is Duct Leakage?

According to ASHRAE, 75% of buildings have duct leaks. What’s more, on average, 10-25% of conditioned air leaks from each home!

Leaky seams, cracks in the ductwork, and holes in duct joints require sealing, otherwise conditioned air in summer or hot air in winter will not reach the right room. Air leaks cause us to lose our comfort and overpay on our utility bills, as well as cause excessive wear and tear on the HVAC unit.

In some cases, it may be easier to replace the ducts than to repair them. Want to compare costs? Welcome to Air Duct Replacement Costs vs Repair in 2023: Plan Your Budget Wisely!

What types of leaks might happen

Duct leakage can occur in a number of ways. Leaks in ducts are classified into several categories, as follows:

Supply Leakage

When the supply air conditioning part leaks, the amount of air leaks flow from the air conditioning system or furnace to the target rooms decreases ventilation system.

Equipment Leakage

This is a more well-known type of problem. Numerous HVAC elements duct sealing, similar as well as coils and blacksmith cabinets, have “seams”, which either choose or blow out the blow air leaks space. If these tiny elements of equipment are not properly sealed in any way, the airflow in certain rooms is also reduced.

Return Leakage

If there is any return duct leakage, the HVAC system might be overloaded. After all, it has to work on a much larger volume, dealing not only with a given room, but with everything along the way – wall cavities and leaks in crawl spaces. The more cracks, the more unconditioned air comes back into the AC unit.

This extra air work will require more effort from your HVAC ductwork. Instead of the usual air conditioned air renewal, it’s like conditioning the street. This situation is certainly far from energy efficient.

Symptoms of Leaky Ductwork

You may be wondering if your home has ductwork leaks in the walls and ceilings. This may not be so obvious if the ventilation duct is covered with insulation.

By the way, if this is the case and your ductwork is insulated, that’s a good thing. We’ve written more than once that attic repair begins with insulation.

So, check out the list below, as these are obvious signs of an air leak:

  1. Sudden restoration of heating in winter or air conditioning in the summer season due to the wider application of the same HVAC system concept
  2. Both warm and cool places, depending on the whole dwelling.
  3. The wards or rooms of the building are very warm or cold depending on the current season.
  4. Stuffy or unpleasant rooms in your home.
  5. Increased degree of dustiness, as well as the presence of rigid elements in the pipeline.
  6. There are noticeable defects in the air ducts.
  7. The biggest number is due to utilities both in the summer season and in winter for hot and cold spots.
  8. The air ducts are located in the basement, in the attic or in the garage.

How to Do a Visual Duct Leakage Test?

If the return air ducts leak in your home let the air space, it is likely that the recovery period has come. Often leaks are easy to spot by checking for discoloration or loosening sheetrock along the edges of air vents.

But in some cases, leaks are harder to identify ductwork. If you have a significant loss of atmosphere from the leaking air duct the ventilation duct hole air duct system, it would be good to monitor the cold air ducts in impermeability find leaks.

5 Tips for A Visual Duct Leakage Test for heated or cooled air

1) Make sure that the split system is turned off for you, first of all unconditioned spaces, rather than starting to this control. The airspace from the air conditioner will make it more difficult duct tape, if it does not make it impossible in any way ductwork, to detect leaky air ducts. This is especially important when checking air duct leaks at air conditioning air duct returns, or anywhere else where duct meets sheetrock.

2) When using smoke pencils for air leakage testing, make sure the air conditioner is off. If you are trying to check air ducts in a functioning variable current unit, someone will remove smog from fixing air duct leaks in the registers coil cabinets.

3) Get started together with one share of your building and also learn the whole approach of testing fan grilles as well as light registers. Despite the fact that the losses common signs leaks of the atmosphere formalize approximately 1% of atmospheric ductwork leaks in dwellings, they have every energy chance of being up to 30% of atmospheric duct air leaks, through check air ducts.

4) Wash the smoke pencils, a number of times breathing to stand out, in order to remove the air space as well as pollutants energy. Make sure that they are sealed duct sealing the smoke pencil by screwing the tire tightly.

5) Use smoke pencils practically and also carefully, so they have every chance of discoloring the tone if it is thrown for a very long time or contact with it during one room a long period of time.

Chapter FAQ

How do you fix a leaky air duct?

Use the following method: check-loosening of the flexible connection-broken flexible pipe-wait and test-sealing of thermal channels.

What happens when air duct leaks?

If the air duct leak leaks, there will be a high electricity bill, large volumes of dust than usual.

How do you tell if your air ducts are leaking?

Well, some common signs of leaky ducts include:

  • Higher-than-average utility bills
  • Uneven cooling/heating throughout the house
  • Excessive amounts of dust in your home
  • Visual confirmation that indoor air quality is leaking from your ducts

What causes air duct leak?

Top 8 causes of fixing the leaky air ducts and leaks:

  • Cracks in the duct
  • Weakly sealed associations
  • Damaged insulation
  • Leaks when loading the registry
  • Leaks after completion of pipeline construction
  • Waste in the channel
  • Air duct of the wrong volume
  • Worn or damaged adhesive tape


The selection and insulation of air duct is an important part of ensuring energy efficiency as well as the convenience of your building. If leaks are detected in the ducts, you can apply smoke analysis, visually inspect large gaps or conduct a highly professional leakproofness analysis.

After that, as well as after you have established the leak site, be sure to use duralumin or mastic film to seal them tightly. Continuous maintenance of the air duct leakage of your air conditioner in industrial conditions can help guarantee their successful operation, as well as avoid atmospheric leakage in the air duct leaks in the future.

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