Simple Methods To Multiply Your Followers Using Instagram Stories

Simple Methods To Multiply Your Followers Using Instagram Stories

With over 500 million active users on Instagram who watches stories every day, brands or businesses make one in three stories on Instagram. If you are running an online business or promoting your brand on the platform and keeping on facing a struggle to take off your strategy, this article thoroughly helps you out with magnificent points.

Instagram stories are the best way to grow your follower count and turn your fans into customers quickly. Though paid ads get more audiences on Instagram stories, organic strategy provides many benefits if various features are included.

Here are the simple methods to enhance your follower base using the Instagram story strategy. Let’s dive in.

Work With Quizzes, Surveys, And Polls

Many people on the platform love to read and share their opinions. That’s the way surveys, polls, and quizzes are entertaining in stories on Instagram. 

Before you thought of getting new fans to develop your sales rate on the platform, it will help if you have thought of your existing fans on Instagram. Instagram stories are the perfect way to get deeper connections with audiences, and businesses can increase more insight.

The perfect way to get a deeper connection with your existing Instagram fans is through personalized engagement and interaction. Use stories on Instagram to ask a funny question relevant to video content or image uploaded on your Instagram feed, and direct more fans to the post to know more info and increase your followers.

You can try out an “engagement hack” through running polls in your stories and tease the story poll in your Instagram feed for a day. It directs more fans to your stories to look after, it raises more engagements and signals the Instagram algorithm, and thus your profile can reach a wider audience and acquires more fans.

Try Hashtags In Your Instagram Stories

Everyone knows that grabbing followers is not an easy thing. Social media networks like Instagram are the primary bridges to reach new peoples and get more followers.

There are over millions of audiences using the platform every day for content. The easiest way for them to get their lovable content is through clicking relevant hashtags. Create hashtags to target your audience. Mentioning those specific tags in your Instagram stories gets new audiences from Instagram’s Explore page. If your content strikes with what they love to get, then your follower’s count tends to rise.

Attach hashtags to your Instagram stories, tap the “Stickers” option, and press the “#Hashtags.”

Be Social In Your Instagram Stories

Are you an “entrepreneur”? Being a freelancer or handling a one-person shop gives you a feel like living on an island. But it loses in the digital marketing world.

Joining hands with other business owners and brands could be a great way to get more fans from other brands or businesses that acquire exact followers to yours and could develop deep conversations to grow your marketing strategy.

Tagging other businesses or brands in your content might increase the chances for people to share your post with their followers. When they share your content, your brand or business will automatically receive IG story views and grow your follower base promptly. Another technique is to text the brand directly like, “Hey, let’s join hands.” Both these techniques are more practical to gain more visibility and trust for your brand.

Spark Curiosity Through Content Post Reviews

The algorithm of Instagram could be very tricky. Most of your fans won’t catch your content, specifically if they send your direct messages or leave comments rarely. So, your stories on Instagram are the perfect way to spark curiosity in your audiences and direct them to your Insta profile. 

Saying your audience about your Insta posts in the story section is a valuable method to gather more visibility to your post. A great way to work out this is by using an emoji or graphics to blur the post as audiences tempt to tap your Insta profile to get what’s it.

Another great way is to reveal or run a product countdown of your new product in Instagram stories. It’s the purest form of sparking curiosity in your audience, and it helps to gain more engagement.

Promote Instagram Stories Across Networks

There is an excess of other social media network users, and enthusiastic fans open an account on Instagram. It’s a great technique to get more views and fans to your Insta profile through sharing your story contents outside peoples of the platform. 

Nowadays, reusing photos and video contents to other networks like Pinterest and Facebook are simple. For example, you can redirect your Instagram audiences to Facebook or any other social media networks directly using a clickable link in your bio.

People who didn’t use Instagram are still connecting with the businesses or brands on the network they choose. It is a great way to get them as your Instagram follower by sharing your magnificent Insta posts and stories.

These are the five simple methods to gain more fans on Instagram using story strategy. We know that now you have an idea to gear up your fan’s rate through Instagram stories through this. Practice yourself and achieve it.

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.